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The pendant on this Time Turner necklace has a hourglass that is filled with real sand that rotates and turns. The following words are engraved onto the time turner necklace pendant: "I Mark The Hours, Every One, Nor Have I Yet Outrun The Sun. My Use And Value, Unto You, Are Gauged By What You Have To Do"


A Time-Turner was a magical device used for time travel. It was a special timepiece which resembled an hourglass on a necklace.


This high quality time turner necklace is an amazingly nice piece of jewelry for the price (and it makes a great gift.) This necklace comes with a 20" gold plated stainless steel chain, and the harry potter time turner pendant has a super smooth, highly polished gold plated finish. 


It is 3d and it turns and spins, and the sand in the hour glass is actually real glass (the hourglass on this necklace is fully functional.)


Quick shipping same day or next day in a special keepsake box.

Harry Potter Time Turner Necklace - Yellow Sand

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