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Caretology LLC is a privately held, diversified company that develops chronic condition management tools and resources. We also source trendy and sustainable products globally.  

We offer free services to non-profit organizations to update their websites, develop content and influence via social media posts. 

We also partner with entrepreneurs to turn startup ventures into successful companies. Our current portfolio supports growth and development in health tech and AI.  

Team Meeting
Keira Venketsamy.jpeg

Keira Venketsamy

Founder & Co-CEO

Katelin Venketsamy.jpeg

Katelin Venketsamy

Founder & Co-CEO

Studying Together
Caretology Foundation

We care deeply about the community and have taken leadership roles in two key initiatives to build the capacity of local nonprofits and communities and support the next generation of student innovators. 

Community Collaboration 

We believe that together we can build strong and healthy communities. We collaborate with non-profits and providing no-cost marketing and impact development support. 

Student Growth and Development

We want to grow and develop the next generation of leaders.  Our annual pitch challenge provides a special forum for high school seniors to develop and pitch their health care innovation ideas. 


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