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Caretology Foundation cares deeply about the community and have taken leadership roles in two key initiatives to build the capacity of local nonprofits and communities and support the next generation of student innovators. 


Team Meeting
Giving Back
Youth Conference

​Community Collaboration 

We believe that together we can build strong and healthy communities. We collaborate with non-profits and providing no-cost marketing and impact development support. 


Girls Crushing It

Girls Crushing It empowers girls ages 8-18 through entrepreneurial experiences that increase confidence and build leadership skills.

Images from Pop-Up event on 05/07/2023 at the Orinda Library. 

Next event is on 09/23/2023 - 09/24/2023


UCLA Rooted Dance Shattering the Glass Ceiling Event

This event included dance performances and a Mock Mehndi celebration hosted by the Rooted Dance team at UCLA. 

Images from the Mock Mehndi event on 05/27/2023 at UCLA. 


Studying Together

Student Growth and Development

We want to grow and develop the next generation of leaders.  Our annual pitch challenge provides a special forum for high school seniors to develop and pitch their health care innovation ideas. 


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