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A fun and creative place to explore your personal style and embrace art through a curated selection of unique and eye-catching temporary tattoos & stickers. .

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Tattoo Sticker Shop 20 Pack of Assorted Tattoo Sticker Sheets - Make a Style Statement.


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Tattoo Sticker Shop 10 Pack of Assorted Tattoo Sticker Sheets - Make a Style Statement.



High School Temporary Tattoos for Booster Clubs, Sports Events, Teams, Prom and More - School Spirit Done Right

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Once upon a time, a high school sports team was in need of new equipment and uniforms. The schools booster club decided to design and sell tempory tattoo stickers to raise money for the team's needs.

They printed and priced their temporary tattoos at $1.00 each. The booster club was grateful for the community's support and felt proud of their hard work and dedication to the team. The fundraising effort was a great example of how a community can come together to support a common cause, and the team and booster club members were grateful for the opportunity to build strong relationships with the people in their community.

That initial fundraiser took place 20 years ago. Fast forward to today where Tattoo Sticker Shop prints and ships temporary tattoos throughout the United States in partnership with PTA and booster clubs. 

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