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Michael J. Fox says cure for Parkinson's is closer than it's ever been

Michael J. Fox has said that the cure for Parkinson's Disease is 'closer than it's ever been'.

The much-loved actor was just 29 when he was diagnosed with the degenerative condition after developing tell-tale symptoms - notably a nervous twitching of the fingers - while filming romantic comedy Doc Hollywood in 1991. 

And after years campaigning and raising over two billion dollars for the cause, the actor, 61, is optimistic that the disease can be eradicated following a 'gigantic breakthrough'.

During an interview with Lorraine Kelly on Friday's Lorraine, he said: 'I feel it's [a cure] closer than it's ever been.

'I think we've found this biomarker which is huge, identifying the disease and therefore being able to treat it earlier.


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