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A New Era of At-Home Testing Means Everyone’s a Doctor

In the past five years, there’s been an avalanche of at-home test products, keyed by our pandemic-driven obsession with health and newfound comfort with self-administered testing.

People now rely on the convenience and privacy of diagnosing at home, according to a survey by RR Donnelley & Sons, a Fortune 500 company that specializes in supply chain solutions. As a whole, the market for consumer-initiated lab testing is expected to be worth more than $2 billion by 2025, according to Quest Diagnostics.

The phenomenon is less about detecting disease and more about how to make your good health even better. Brands such as InsideTracker are a natural fit for both weekend warriors and world-class athletes:

In 2021 marathoner and Olympic silver medalist Shalane Flanagan joined up with InsideTracker when she came out of retirement to run all six world marathon majors in seven weeks after the races had been rescheduled post-pandemic to fall within one season. She averaged a scorching time of 2:38:30.

Try out at home tests and take control of your health:

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