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EVERYDAY COMFORT - Soft and breathable, the 100% cotton inner layer allows you to wear your mask all day without irritation or discomfort. We made the Shield Mask with a 3-piece panel design to ensure a comfortable fit that stays in place while talking or during activity.


ADJUSTABLE - The one-size mask comes equipped with adjustable ear straps to ensure a perfect and secure fit that doesn't pull on your ears while wearing.


WASHABLE & REUSABLE - The Shield Mask is machine washable (cold water only!), allowing you to reuse multiple times - no more uncomfortable disposable masks.


PROTECTION - The Shield mask consists of 2 filter layers with an anti-microbial coating. The metal nose bridge is designed to provide a protective seal (with the added benefit of preventing your glasses from fogging).


FUNCTIONAL DESIGN - Contoured design to fit the shape of your face. For an extra-perfect fit, tuck the fabric nose and chin flaps to have the mask sit comfortably on your face.


Shield Face Mask (3 Pack)

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