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EVERYDAY COMFORT - Soft and breathable, the 100% cotton inner layer allows you to wear your mask all day without irritation or discomfort. We made the Shield Mask with a 3-piece panel design to ensure a comfortable fit that stays in place while talking or during activity.

ADJUSTABLE - The one-size mask comes equipped with adjustable ear straps to ensure a perfect and secure fit that doesn't pull on your ears while wearing..

WASHABLE & REUSABLE - The Shield Mask is machine washable (cold water only!), allowing you to reuse multiple times - no more uncomfortable disposable masks.

PROTECTION - The Shield mask consists of 2 filter layers with an anti-microbial coating. The metal nose bridge is designed to provide a protective seal (with the added benefit of preventing your glasses from fogging).

FUNCTIONAL DESIGN - Contoured design to fit the shape of your face. For an extra-perfect fit, tuck the fabric nose and chin flaps to have the mask sit comfortably on your face.

BREATHABLE & COOLING - The neck gaiter is made of premium cooling fabrics, touch smooth and lightweight, more suitable for summer, keeping neck and face breathable and cooling. the fabric not easy to wrinkle and can be folded in pocket.

ULTIMATE PROTECTION - The UV face cover provide ultimate protection for sun, avoid to burn face or neck skin when stay outside in summer. Besides, the headwear can be anti dust and windproof when you doing outdoor activities.

MULTIFUNCTION DESIGN - You can easy change the ways of wearing, such as neck gaiter, face cover, neck scarf, headband, sweatband, balaclava, and perfect for running, hiking, riding, cycling, fishing and more outdoor sports.

GREAT STRETCH & FIT - Great elasticity make the neck scarf fit most women and men perfectly. the neck gaiter would be always keep in place and not slide. not too tight or too loose. You can still breathe freely and feel cool while covering your face and neck.

KEEPS GERMS AWAY - Touchless key tool keeps you from touching dirty surfaces to help keep you healthy
EASY TO USE - Ergonomic design makes it quick and easy to use and keeps your hands germ-free
MULTI-USE: No touch keychain tool can also be used to push buttons, flush toilets, and carry bags
LIGHTWEIGHT - Safe touch key attaches to keychain for comfortable everyday carry
HYGIENIC - Avoid contact with dirty, contaminated surfaces using this brass tool made of 70% copper alloy

Shield Essential Winter Pack - Face Mask, Neck Gaiter & Contactless Tools

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