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These incense sticks are specially prepared following yoga and ayurvedic scriptures. They are made to enhance the functioning of the seven chakras. Chakras are receptors of the universal energy or Prana, and each one is associated with parts of the physical body. We recommend you burn this incense during YOGA and MEDITATION.


Packed in a recyclable paper box (color may vary) with butter paper inner cover. 15 sticks come in each box, with a total of 105 sticks in the whole set. 


This is a Himalayan Herbal Blend of Incense to help in self-realization with the seven Chakras. Strict compliance with the ancient old technique of masala mixture of ingredients and powerful herbs, flora, and spices make this incense very effective to balance and enhance all our chakras.

Included in this set: 

1. Sacral Navel Chakra (for Creativity) SANDALWOOD
2. Root Chakra (for Innocence) NAG CHAMPA
3. Crown Chakra (for Integration) FRANKINCENSE
4. Third Eye Chakra (for Forgiveness) ROSE
5. Solar Plexus Chakra (for Peace) LEMONGRASS
6. Heart Chakra (for Love and Compassion) JASMINE
7. Throat Chakra (for Collectivity) PATCHOULI

Seven Chakra Incense Sticks

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