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The beginner's guide to: dubstep

A heady mix of Jamaican-British sound system culture, garage and broken beat, dubstep was a defining ’00s sound.*fcb5x4*_ga*QnEzbFhBUWROQ1BlT0FNd3k1QzBlaXktcXVrMU9VN1N1Y3pKZUh6UjJEVlJPQUJPc2JEdlpLeEU0bXdjLW10SQ..

Its roots go deep into Jamaican-British sound system culture, incorporating the heavy bass elements of dub reggae, the skippy syncopated drums of jungle, drum & bass and broken beat, plus the deft melodic lightness of UK garage.

Dubstep emerged as a distinct form around 2001, when the dark garage of producers like El-B and Zed Bias morphed into something new, coalescing around 140bpm with a strong (but not mandatory) emphasis on halftime two-step rhythms, an obsession with sub bass and a minimal beat overlaid with more complex percussion.

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