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Remote Work, Job Interviews, Business Meetings And Live Events Will All Be In The Metaverse

For the last twenty two months it hasn’t been too wonderful living in the real world. Covid-19, the Delta Variant, Omicron, the killing of George Floyd, endless bickering in Washington, D.C., social unrest, violence, looting the disastrous pullout from Afghanistan, rising wealth inequality and raging inflation left us feeling afraid, stressed, fearful and anxious. 

It's not surprising that there is a fast-growing movement to find an alternative to the challenges of everyday life. Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has led the charge to create, build and grow a brave new world, called the metaverse. This is virtual and augmented reality in which people can live an alternative life. 

In addition to Meta, there are a number of smart entrepreneurs working on the metaverse as it is the modern day gold rush. While Zuckerberg may make you think that it's all his, the territory is wide open. Consumer, tech, entertainment and other companies are looking at this as the next frontier as people can live, work and socialize together in a virtual world. It's predicted that the metaverse will be the next revolutionary transformative phase of the internet.

Instead of Zoom calls, you can interact with co-workers and clients in a virtual environment that feels real. You can purchase homes, play video games, interact with family and friends, attend concerts of your favorite bands along with friends, sporting events, shop, try on clothes at a store and buy items. 

Lyron Bentovim, President and CEO of the The Glimpse Group a publicly traded startup focused on building and creating for the metaverse, extended an invitation to Forbes to  check out how this works. He tells us that combining aspects of  artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality, along with social media, online gaming, and other services, the Metaverse is a rapidly emerging space that adds a third dimension to the internet and makes it accessible in a richer, more seamless way. 

Fitted with a Oculus VR Quest virtual reality headset, I’m instantly transported into a fully virtual 3D immersive environment. It takes a moment to get your bearings, then I comfortably transition into an entirely new...

The metaverse, an emerging digital world built on virtual and augmented reality, may be a game changer for job seekers. Instead of meeting a potential employer in person or logging onto a Zoom call, executive recruiter Jack Kelly says job interviews could be conducted in the metaverse, allowing people to interact with others in a "virtual environment that feels real." And for those starting a job remotely, Kelly says the metaverse will make navigating a new workplace online less challenging.


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