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Premier League: 10 things to look out for this weekend

1) Ronaldo may be just what Manchester United need

Cristiano Ronaldo is good at football. That seems like a strange thing to write, but the certainty with which some have proclaimed his return to Manchester United a likely failure makes it a point worth revisiting. Of course there are reservations – will he press? Is Ole Gunnar Solskjær prepared to leave him out or take him off? – but these do not outweigh the realities. Over the past few seasons, United have struggled to score tap-ins, headers and in the biggest games, problems that perhaps the greatest ever goal machine might address, just as the addition of a monomaniacal winner might benefit a callow squad. It is already clear that Ronaldo’s arrival has inspired his new teammates, but his effect on opponents who know they are likely to be outmatched should not be underestimated. Starting with Newcastle on Saturday, those who have to actually play against Ronaldo will not be so dismissive.

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