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Livermore Brew Crawl on February 17, 2022

This time last year we were all disappointed to have to limit the Livermoron collaboration IPA to a can release, as Delta was wreaking havoc.

This time around we’re in a better space, and the Livermoron Brew Crawl & Food Drive is back on!

Once again our amazing Livermore breweries will collaborate on a new special brew and as always, proceeds from this event support the Alameda County Food Bank, helping them fight food insecurity in our communities.

On February 17th, join the crawl in Downtown Livermore! Livermoron IPA will be served up at a few select venues. This is a free event! Come down to try the beer, hang out with friends, and help us collect food & money for those in need. Whether you are crawling down First St. on the 17th or not, you can join our drawing by donating to the Alameda County Community Food Bank where you can win amazing beer-tastic prizes! Beer for good never tasted so good!Make sure to follow us on social media for more updates!


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