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Most effective device for when you travel. Works perfectly on flights, camping or anywhere where you cannot access power for a CPAP machine.


Recommended for adult invidiauals with mild to moderate sleep apnea. 


  • Effectively reduces snoring: The anti-snore device helps to eliminate snoring by keeping the airway open and improving breathing.
  • Comfortable to wear: Made of medical silicone, the mouthpiece tongue retainer is soft and flexible, ensuring a comfortable fit throughout the night.
  • Easy to use: Simply insert the device into your mouth before going to bed and experience a peaceful, snore-free sleep.
  • Portable and convenient: The compact size of the device makes it easy to carry with you while traveling, ensuring a good night's sleep wherever you go.
  • Improve sleep quality: By reducing snoring, the anti-snore device helps to improve the quality of your sleep, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized in the morning.


Instrucions to Place Device in Mouth:

  1. Run the travel anti snoring device under hot water to soften the silicone
  2. Hold the device with the V-notched side facing down
  3. Insert the device pushing your tongue gently into the bulb until it touches both sides of the device. 
  4. Rest the flps on your lips
  5. Squeeze the two ends of the bulb gently to create suction - this will keep your tongue awar from closing your throat which is primary cause of snoring and sleep apnea. 


Instructions to Remove Device from Mouth:

  1. Gently wiggle the V notch and pull outward
  2. Suction will gradually decrease allowing you to remove the device
  3. Your tongue will return back to a normal feel in about 15-30 minutes


  • We do not recommend for daily use when you have access to a CPAP device or other anti-snoring devices.
  • Use when you travel on flights, car trips, camping etc or anywhere you do not have access to power, CPAP or alternate sleep apnea devices.  

Travel Anti-Snoring Sleep Apnea Device Designed for Improving Sleep

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