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Gaby's Portuguese inspired sauce has been handcrafted for years, using only the freshest locally sourced ingredients. The select first grade chilies make our sauce naturally hot and delicious. Our traditional recipe is made fresh in small batches without preservatives, so you can be sure it's full of natural flavor. Go on and give your favorite dishes some Portuguese heat. Bom Proveito!   


BrazzaKu original peri-peri sauces and marinades are made according to a traditional Portuguese family recipe. Only freshly sourced ingredients are used, and no preservatives, additives, colorants or sugar are added to the product.


It first made its mark in the popular Portuguese Restaurants of Durban, South Africa; namely the well-known ‘A Gruta’ on Florida Road and ‘Gaby'z Tasca’ (now known as Atasca) in Durban North and Westville.


BrazzaKu balances the perfect amount of heat with full flavor. It can be used on anything from spatchcock chickens, to steaks & pork, as well as seafood. On many occasions, it is mixed to make a peri-butter for steaks and espetadas. On the other hand, it can be used in a perinaise sauce which goes great with seafood.



It’s difficult to avoid clichés with a sauce like this, but it is in fact a recipe passed down from Gaby’s Madeiran father, Manuel Fernandes, who developed the recipe years ago. To this day, Gaby is still fully hands-on with the bottling of the sauce, ensuring the highest standard is still met. What else would you expect from a restauranteur whose track record spans three decades?


​For anyone who has visited the Durban restaurant scene for a classic peri-peri flattie, there are few restaurants that would have been mentioned before Gaby’z. Gabriel Fernandes started with a ready-to-go food bar known as the ‘Continental Deli’ back in the late eighties, before moving on to opening the Florida hot spot ‘A Gruta’. 


The next instalment was ‘Gaby’z Tasca’ which then developed into the small family of ‘Atasca’ restaurants around Durban. Having set up a self-sufficient central kitchen that supplies these restaurants, Gaby has stepped away from the restaurant business to focus on the flavour that was behind many of those meals – BrazzaKu.

Gaby's BrazzaKu Original Peri-Peri Sauce - Flavorful and Delicious

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