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Mental Health & Substance Abuse First Aid in the Metaverse. 

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Mental Health and Substance Abuse Support Powered by Caretology

We are developing the worlds first virtual world mental health first aid, avatar to avatar  service to help with depression and anxiety and reduce mental health stigma. 

Our vision is to provide exceptional first responder mental health first aid via app enabled and blockchain powered coaching and support to all in the metaverse. 

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Launching in Q4, 2022 in these virtual worlds:
Fortnite | Decentraland | Second Life | Roblox | Axie Infinity
Minecraft | IMVU | Utherverse Rec Room | The Sandbox
Active Worlds | World of Warcraft | The SIMS | Chromia
Blue Mars | Kaneva | Meet Me | Mines of Dalarnia | Gala
Yield Guild Games | Magic Craft | Star Atlas | Treeverse
Sensorium Galaxy | Horizon Worlds 

Image by Vinicius "amnx" Amano

Immersive VR Therapy Program

We can leverage Oculus for immersive depression and anxiety therapy in any world you feel comfortable. We will meet you virtually avatar-avatar wherever you are. 

Our vision is to improve access to mental health therapy for all in the metaverse. 

How Immersive VR Therapy Works:
Join a therapy session in your preferred VR world using an Oculus Quest
 (Caretology Care Navigator's will assist you with setting up your device)

How we deliver care.

Real coaches helping you solve real problems.

Our certified mental health first aid coaches provide virtual world support to treat depression and anxiety symptoms.


We use the following therapy models:
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Caretology coaches rely on well-established codes of ethics plus evidence-based techniques, while tailoring their approaches to best serve each client’s unique needs and circumstances.


Coaches listen deeply to avatars to gain an understanding of their personal needs, challenges, and hopes.

Based on each avatar's particular set of circumstances,


Coaches also do the following:

Ask powerful questions - Coaches ask the kinds of questions that help avatars see themselves in new ways and open up new avenues for transformation.

Introduce new perspectives and skills - Coaches help avatars develop evidence-based skills to help them overcome obstacles they’re facing.


They also provide a fresh perspective to help their clients reframe their thinking and address problems more effectively.

Coaches help avatars design actions to facilitate behavior change and hold them accountable for putting them into practice. 

The metaverse has no boundaries or barriers and our Caretology coaches are setup to meet avatars in places and spaces where they feel the most comfortable. 


Image by Annie Spratt

Crowdfunding/Investment Opportunity

We will be launching an Indiegogo campaign to secure seed funding in Q1, 2022. 




Future hiring for the following roles:

Virtual World Program Managers

Enterprise Account Managers

Mental Health First Aid Coaches
Mental Health Navigators

Virtual World Developers

Blockchain Payment Developers

Financial Analysts

Marketing Managers

Operations Managers

Virtual World Architects

Latest Metaverse and VR Therapy News

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